Strikes not showing after Firefox 39 update.
(2015-07-11, 15:26)tkuhmone Wrote: I need to follow situation, and collect info from different browsers....

At least my FF39 did show this script error, Irish_Steve did you see same also ?
Is the LMO web site using map services, via the -link what I see on scrip error?

Normally my FF 39 works ok, for longer periods without re-start. If I open to any tab of the mozilla, after this usually the whole browser stops responding (in timeframe of 10...15min). This has been happening on Mozilla 39 for approx 2 days now. Still I could not yet confirm, if it has (or not) anything to do with LMO website.

have a look at your ram when it freezes, might be a bad coding from FF with a memory leak eating slowly but surely all resources. Safari on Mac does it but mostly within limits

when I stay on the page  I see ram usage easily go up by a gig or two
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