Using System Blue with Mac computers
(2015-08-26, 12:57)DelandeC Wrote: Hello Wilson and welcome.

System blue is still under development so we don't know the price yet.
We can speculate on the fact that it is a hobby so it has to be accessible for most people. The price of RED was about 200€.

The system does not require any computer software, it is totally independent and manageable via any web browser.

Many thanks for that info. It must just have been that all the screen shots I had seen, were using MS Internet Explorer. I have Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers available on various Macs. I suspect it may be next year then before I get set up, although dependent when the Kit comes out, this would allow me to assemble it over the winter when I am back in the UK. I must remember to take back the two reels of Mundorf silver/tin/gold solder with me from France.

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