Lightning not detected..
Greetings all!

Just a curiosity more than anything..

Last night we had quite a wicked little storm (along with others in the area) move through my community..  There was easily a few flashes every minute (or more) for about a half-hour at least.  I know for sure there were storm cells besides the one over us, causing all sorts of lightning at the same time.

Curiously, not a single stroke was detected by ANY station, mine included (though it may have been too close).

I did observe that all the lightning appeared to be inter, and intra cloud and very little, if any cloud to ground.

I wonder if that makes any difference?  I know that storms earlier in the day in my area were quite accurately picked-up, so it's not an issue of lack of coverage..

Ideas, thoughts?   Makes me wonder if we are missing a lot more strikes than we realize...

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