Lightning not detected..
Typically, The current Blitzortung systems are much more efficient at detecting Cloud to Ground lightning... (as are many systems, regardless of advertising). Cloud to ground strokes are of longer impulse durations, often much stronger, and are typically Vertically Polarized.  Whereas most  inter-cloud, intra-cloud strokes appear to be Horizontally polarized.  There is a possibility, especially with the soon to be released System Blue to detect Horizontally polarized sferics utilizing the third H field channel, with a horizontally polarized loop along with two Vertically polarized loops, as is standard for the RED and Green Systems. 

Remembering, with the current station density, and system processing, that a bare minimum of locators is required to identify an impulse (that varies from region to region, but the very least number is 4). Stations greater than, let's suggest 150 km, have little hope of getting adequate time stamps and trigger levels of the very short duration, weaker, horizontally polarized IC impulses at distance. And stations <50 km, if operating typically, may go into interference mode at stop sending with with very high sferic activity levels.


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