Thanks for your response. I'm pleased to see that infrasound is of
interest here and that some people have even done practical experiments.

Of course the development and implementation of the system "Blue" has priority.

As for the wind noise... The infrasound sensors which they placed at
the LOFAR sites utilize (porous?) hoses to average the pressure over a
larger area since the wavelength of a typical infrasound signal of
interest is much longer than that of wind, which is in the order of a

I'll try to find out more about the construction of these sensors.

I also read about the usage of subwoofer loudspeakers as a sensor.

I was considering the BMP180 microbarometric pressure sensor from
Bosch with 0.02 hPar Resolution. Advantage over microphones and
speakers would be that the BMP already delivers calibrated digital data.

Time to do some experiments myself...

Edit: You might find the following paper from Holleman et al interesting:

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