Decrease data usage with Blue hardware

I've been following blitzortung as an observer for a little while, and have the ability to add a sensor in central QLD, Australia. This would help cover Papua New Guinea, Noumea, and north east Australia better, where no sensors exist. The question that I have, however, is can the data usage be decreased? Currently the network available uses a 3G backhaul with a 6gb monthly allowance and is shared by 15+ users. We will likely be going to a satellite connection, however this will also be limited - perhaps 30-40gb / month. I see the Red board can pump out 3gb+ a day during intense storms - and being proximal to the tropics during the wet season this site could expect to see some of the most intense electrical storms on the planet. 

Is there a method where data can be compressed, and usage lowered?

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Decrease data usage with Blue hardware - by anakaine - 2016-01-12, 00:48

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