Decrease data usage with Blue hardware
(2016-01-14, 10:06)Steph Wrote: I'd estimate with lossless compression there couldn't be saved much more than 50% of the traffic, which probably wouldn't be enough for anakaine. However it's possible to lower the gain, detect less strikes and thus have less traffic.
It's even less, maybe 10 to 20%. It's binary data like exe or jpeg, which can not be compressed very much.

(2016-01-14, 10:06)Steph Wrote: But another option came to my mind; maybe it's possible in exceptional cases to only transmit the timestamp and some parameters instead of the whole wavelet.
But that's a thing Tobi or Egon have to confirm whether that's an option, since the waveform may be taken into account for calculation at some point.
Yes, that's what I'm currently working on, but the timestamp itself is not enough for accurate location calculation.
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