earth ellipsoid - smallest number of stations
The Minimum Number of Detectors required mathematically to locate a stroke with these methods is 4. Period.
With that scenario, those 4 are now called "locators".
4 Locators provide little or no room to improve accuracy and network performance.
That said:
In order to minimize deviations, minimize "false strokes" while maximizing overall network effectivity
*The Minimum Number of "Locator" Stations required in a region at any given time and station density, in that specific region will change, depending on many factors,... generally, with higher station density, more 'locators' are "required"  There is no 'specific' guideline, to my knowledge. 
To the best of my knowledge, the 'minimums' for any region are established over operational periods, observing trends, density, data quality, and server parameters.
Regions are 'generally' related and assigned as  which server a station reports to, yes there is some geographic consideration.
The 'numbers' used in my response above are only for example.

Currently, unless it's changed, the 'maximum' number that will possibly be used for computation is about 18. Even NASA only computes PI to 15 decimal places -- more doesn't improve anything that much.
The minimum number is more or less arbitrary 4 or more. Some servers (regions) are set to require a higher number.
Each individual stroke, can have the minimum number of locators, or some number up to (18?) . On the next stroke the 'locators used' number may be different, since not all detections will be used.

This is all done server side, has nothing to do with your station specifically, and even as this is being typed, paradigms are being considered, discussed, or implemented.

I might suggest you utilize the internal forums for these type inquiries, where operators and developers respond more specifically....

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Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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