System Blue: available (I did not receive a message)?
(2016-05-07, 21:28)Cutty Wrote: Surprise yourself! System Blue is NOT available yet!  There are a handful of development / prelease systems (production 1) being tested.
Please see this post:


Hi Mike,
Thank you for replying.

I've been reading the thread yesterday and because of that thread  I thought that system blue was available.
Rereading it I find it a very confusing message.
Maybe it's me, maybe I'm reading it with a wishful thinking attitude.
I don't know.

What I do know is that the message is saying two things:
1. You can order system blue now.
2. You have to wait until it is available.

It leaves me very confused.

Quote: The next 100 boards (2nd round) are in the manufacturing (assembly), with little delay due to the unavailability of some parts.

Current status:
The next 100 boards (2nd round) are in the manufacturing (assembly).

Next expected status: You can start your order. Please consider the current  Order List.

If you want to order then please
1.) wait for the availabilty,
2.) select what you want,
3.) compute the price including your shipping method and payment method,
4.) write me an email (egon [Image: smile.gif] about what do you want to order and the postal address for shipping.

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