System Blue: available (I did not receive a message)?
Blush  I can see how that would be! Smile
It is a bit confusing... sometimes language to different language develops strange phrasing, as I suspect happened here...
that's why they pay Don and me such a high salary to attempt forum moderation Rolleyes (...sometimes we don't know what's going on behind the curtain...)

Stay tuned, and send Egon an Email just as soon as hardware is announced, don't wait for an email 'notification' ... he has about all he can deal with right now...

Do be aware, however, that the 2nd production may be prioritized for regions with lower density than Europe, initially, for example... and also remember that this is a non profit, experimental, hobby, so production and development costs are absorbed by the developers, and additional production depends on 'cash' returns from previous kits... In and then Out, so to speak. Production 2 (assy 20.2) will be 100, and additional production/distribution typically will be about 4-6 weeks, + quality checks before release, depending on parts availability... which has delayed Production 2.

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