Antennas for System BLUE - Mini Guide
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I have started making the H field Copper tube Loop antenna shown in your mini guide and also from  I have produced 3D print files for the top & bottom Junctions from the drawings on that site and have published these files at .  I have included attribution to the design as best I could find reference.  Can you have a quick look at this url and advise if any further attribution is needed.

Barry (Australia)

Have a lot of suggestions for changes - water intrusion is a challenge

By the way - time has run from this antenna - it is too large, and intended for System GREEN
Make it of brake tube 5-6 mm and a diameter of ~ 40cm
Most effective is the "Möbius" with transformer


thanks for your earlier advice. I have just commissioned by System Blue (ID=1631) and as per your suggestion I have built a paired 38cm diam Copper Pipe loop (6mm air condition tube) with 50 turn Toroid Ferrite Transformer.  After a false start with the ethernet wiring and then playing with the gain and thresholds I think it is performing quite well (noise floor about 19mV & effective detection ratios compare well to other stations in the area).  I didn't worry about O ring seals at this point I will use silicon sealant later to keep moisture out (but it won't stop the ants !!)

For others wanting 3d print the top & bottom brackets (or to look at more pics to seed their own designs) I have put them at


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