Noise spikes on board, System Blue
(2016-06-16, 22:33)mhbeach Wrote:
(2016-06-15, 13:06)Jorgeminator Wrote: I'm seeing noise spikes which appear on the board. These spikes still appear with the H-field pre-amplifier unplugged. I'm guessing this could be the result of me not grounding the board? It only happens on channel 1A.

[Image: RWRJeHh.png]

What are you using as an oscilloscope ?  I'm interested in getting one and would like some ideas of what to start looking at


No oscilloscope, the signals can be viewed through the web interface  Smile 
If there's a lot of lightning activity it can be difficult to spot the "false positives" since the signals stay on the screen only for a fraction of a second.
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