Does BLUE need shielded ferrites?
(2016-06-23, 05:15)Eric.Wouters Wrote: I moved from red to blue recently and used another set of ferrites
I finished shielded and grounded as on the red.

Same problems and same solutions  Cool

So you are saying that you found there was an improvement with adding shielding to a BLUE system ferrites, which were at first unshielded on the BLUE?

I have only a RED E Field probe running, my H Field having drowned a year ago during a heavy rain.  So I don't have an unshielded/shielded set to swap in and out to compare.

I'm not seeing a lot of problem with my BLUE ferrites running unshielded, but if it would improve even what I have now, I'd work on a solution to shield them.

Can you expand on your comment?  My question is specifically did you run BLUE unshielded, ran into noise, added shielding and noise is fixed?  That is the conclusion I took from your post.

Thanks, I'd hate to go to the trouble to shield if it isn't necessary and I have no local source for adhesive copper shielding so ordering it and shipping it in is pricey.

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