Building a System Blue
(2016-06-23, 11:51)andycrofts Wrote: Hi, folks. First post here...
I'm adept at soldering SMD's (100-pin lqfp is a doddle!) - just 0402 resistors seem to Bother me - I'm 60 years old, after all. Can't find the damn things on the kitchen table (number of times I've tried to solder a breadcrumb onto a board...)

I've been looking at the site, and a couple of questions:
Where do I get the kit...and
My Internet connection (as most in Finland are) is 3G, not wired. Will that produce a significant delay, or is Blue 'smart enough' to send the network time along with the data?
Sorry, just learning about this, but as blitzortung has few detectors in Finland (nearest is in Kemi, about 100kM north of Oulu) I'd like to add to this.
Andy, Oulu, Finland

Hi there Andy,

The ordering process and ordering status can be found in this thread: System Blue Order Status

1.) read the Project Description(thoroughly!)
2.) read the  Assembly Instructions,
2.) consider the Order List,
3.) select what you want,
4.) compute the price including your shipping method and payment method,
5.) write me an email (egon at about what do you want to order and the postal address for shipping.

I believe 3G should be enough for the system, but the developers will know for sure.
I set up a station in Southwest Finland just a few weeks ago and another up in the northern parts would be really beneficial to the network.
System Blue has very few parts to solder, it should be a no-brainer for someone like you who has soldered before. The parts that need soldering are a lot bigger than an 0402 resistor.
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