Estimated Data Usage - System Blue
(2016-08-29, 14:58)John.Sacrey Wrote:
(2016-08-29, 14:40)Karlchen_1 Wrote: Hi,

i hope to setup a System blue as soon as i can get one - but i have a not so trivial question.

- how much bandwith will be used?
- how much data will be send /received (estimate) per month?

Tank you in advance



The station will be installed in the area of Koblenz / Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany.
Hi Bjoern,

I have a System Red in the U.S. On some active days here, I've sent over 1 GB/ day. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. System Blue should be about the same, possibly a little more efficient, because of the new compression ratios built into it.

Hope this helps,


In the last 14 hours, 1439 has sent <80 MB , approximately 108,000 signals.... typical packet  is approx. 760 bytes

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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