PoE recommendations for System Blue
I'm using the TL-POE10R to power a TL-MR3020 and 4G dongle as a backup internet connection. Works fine but nothing is grounded at the far end. Reading around this forum it seems that providing a good ground to the main unit improves performance.

I've also heard about problems with the TL-POE10R and Raspberry Pi's connected to TVs but I'm not clear as to what the problem is. I just spent a merry 10 mins trying to find any DC paths between any wire and any other wire on my TL-POE10R and didn't find any. So there is no obvious "earth loop".

I don't use the TL-POE150S injector but a Phihong POE16R-1AFG (http://www.phihong.co.uk/product/poe16r-...t-phihong/). I like these units as they are a single box solution, not a two box (wall wart and injector) one. I suspect my Blue System will be placed in a remote location and using PoE makes doing that very simple.With the TL-POE10R available for GBP9.99 from Maplin (in the UK) not overly expensive.

Passive PoE, hum well, it works but it's horribly easy to accidentally plug something onto a "live" cable and damage that device. Cheap LED ethernet cable testers really don't like 12 V @ 1 A... B-)


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