PoE recommendations for System Blue
"I didn't find the load resistor did anything useful other than get warm and ensure that the PoE splitter started up if the system board was disconnected."

:-)  The reason for this resistor is to give the switch-mode power supply a resistive load.
In a switch-mode powersupply there are a resonant circuit. If this is loaded by an inductor with a high Q, it can interfere with the circuit and change the frequency so that considerable circuit becomes inefficient and generates a lot of noise.
I have seen noise signals from the power cable due to standing waves in the cable.
One can also say that the resistance terminating the cable.

I always have an oscilloscope turned on when I testing electronics.
When the oscilloscope is not used, the probes just lying loose in the vicinity, and there I discover if there suddenly is a radiation - have seen it many times (of cource, I have worked with high frequency in more than 50 years)


P.S. By the way - it's a good solution you made
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