PoE recommendations for System Blue
(2016-10-08, 15:56)RichoAnd Wrote: In a switch-mode powersupply there are a resonant circuit. If this is loaded by an inductor with a high Q, it can interfere with the circuit and change the frequency so that considerable circuit becomes inefficient and generates a lot of noise.

This PoE splitter doesn't need any help to make noise. Here is its output when loaded only by a 100R resistor. Slightly lower in level but it's only got a 50 mA load, the other image was taken with the 350 mA or so of a Blue controller as load.

(2016-10-08, 15:56)RichoAnd Wrote: P.S. By the way - it's a good solution you made

Thank you. I could have used a bit of strip board but wanted to play with the press 'n peel. Only the second time I've used it, came out much better. Dust between the board and film when doing the transfer is not good. As to the board, the thermals around the pads etc are too narrow at 0.01" and right on the edge of the press 'n peel resolution. Learning all the time. Smile

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