H field big difference in gain
(2016-10-12, 20:22)DrRobin Wrote:
(2016-10-12, 18:20)allsorts Wrote:
(2016-10-12, 13:23)DrRobin Wrote: I did wonder if there are any good techniques to find noise?  I had a look at some VLF active antennas, or perhaps make a receiver and feed it in to a sound input?  Not sure if there is anything on the market?

You have a receiver, the Blue system.  Smile

The Blue has buffered outputs available on each channel, pre/post the LP filter (if fitted). Modify a phone headset to get that signal into a Andriod or iOS device. The mic in should be on the second ring. There are many Frequency Analyser apps out there(*), OK they are limited to the low 20's kHz but still useful for nulling out VLF transmitters or watching the overall noise level then by rotating the antennas see if it is coming from a particular direction. Ferrites or loops have very similar polar patterns with a well defined and deep null along one axis. Use the null (ie minimum noise) to get a bearing to within a few degrees.

Some USB PSU's are just noisy. If you have a regular waveform on any channel in the Signals display with the aerials disconnected it's a fair chance you have a noisy PSU. Swap it out with others you may have or build a PSU filter but it would be better to find a quiet PSU.

AM radio can be useful and remember that has ferrite rod aerial as well, so if you do have noise source with direction you can use the radio to get several bearings on it and work out where it is.

(*)  I've used Advanced Sprectrum Analyzer Pro (Vuche Labs, Android) goes up to 24 kHz.

That's a good idea, thanks.  My iPhone has an audio spectrum analyser which goes to just over 20kHz so that would do.  I am aware of switch mode psu problems and they usually operate at a frequency in range of the detector, so it would always be best to keep them well away from the H field antenna.  I did think about getting a linear psu to run my system blue.  However other PCs and wireless router all have switch mode so perhaps there isn't much point in only changing one.


I must have had a senior moment earlier, my best gain is actually north/south, not east/west, so I was looking at potential noise sources all wrong.  Houses on my road run east/west and Newcastle upon Tyne is 12km to the east with all sorts of noise sources.  At least this explains why I pick lightning to the south quite well whereas I don't think I detect to the east as well.


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