Grounding and antenna placement dilemma
Added a supply ground connection to my controller today. Doesn't appear to have made any difference at all to the H-field, but then Anthorn drowns out almost anything unless a null is aimed at it.

I think adding the ground connection does remove MSF 60 KHz from the E-field. I say think, as the interference is not there all the time it comes and goes over a period of a few tens of seconds and as it comes/goes there will be a few signal windows with the present/absent transition stepping to the left between each sample. What I think is happening is the 1 ms sample window is drifting against the on/off (off being 200 or 400 ms in every second IIRC) 60 kHz carrier. As with everything else here the beat signal between Anthorn on 19.6 and Skelton on 22.1 is present.

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