Gridded summary data for climate science
Hi all, for a while I have been considering how to use the Blitzorg data to do a statistical analysis for scientific research. It seems like there are complications in downloading and using the actual data, around server load, licences, data volume, cost etc. For a climatological analysis, having the raw data is not really necessary, but a summary gridded product would be excellent! I think it would also negate the worries the Blitzorg team have about allowing open access to the raw historical data.

Is it possible for you (or us - I am happy to help ) to create a gridded summary product, something like 0.25 degree resolution, 1 hour summary, in an open standard format (NetCDF: For each pixel (area bin) the climate community would need to have lightning strike counts, and a measure of aggregated error regarding the detections.

Would you be open to creating such a product? It could potentially be invaluable to the climate community, and widely shared for research. I am sure that NCEP/NCAR and similar organisations would also happily host the data as they do with many others ( so that there would be no load on your servers. Potentially, you could also release the data after a first high-impact publication and garner more awareness of Blitzorg.  Shy Lightning
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