Using the on/off switch with the new Blue enclosure
Thank you to all who pointed to several errors I was committing.

first, I was locked to a zoomed in image in my mind, and was trying to figure out how to connect to the wrong pin pair.

second, I was assuming that there would be much more clearance on the set of pins that does get the wires to the switch.  They fit, but touch the switch itself which would seem a bit too close for comfort.

The support for such a low priority question to someone (me) who just couldn't see the obvious is very much appreciated.

I do note, however, that the fit otherwise makes this a top notch case, something much more professional than I would have ever been able to achieve otherwise.  Alll the LEDs in front met their respective holes and slid in well.  The back panel fit the exact mounting positions of the sockets and GPS and E field connectors.

Again, thank you for the help in solving this problem and as one participant said, if I had never gotten around to the on/off switch, it would have likely never been missed.  I think the blue board since coming on line and the old RED station have never been powered down except to move them and attach various leads.

Stations: 976, 1505

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