Interference - looking for next steps
Hello everyone,

I have a new BLUE system which I built last weekend. It works great some of the time. I can detect strokes that are over 1500-2000km away easily, and have a good stroke ratio when it works.

However, I have a noise problem (on H-field antennas, mostly E-W loop) that starts in the evening and runs through most of the night into the day. It puts my unit into interference mode. Even if I turn down the gain it does not help because  the spikes are so large. It's like someone turned on a switch or piece of equipment that starts the problem. I think the noise might be close by because I can see it on the E-field antenna too, but I could be wrong about that.

I'm looking for help in finding some posts here in the forum, or at other websites, on recommendations to start tracking down the location of this noise, and decide what nexts actions I should take.

Please see the attached images form the signal page, and other setup data. I can provide other information too if that will help.

I don't mind doing the work and learning new things, I just need a little help getting going. The information to help me might already be out there, but I'm not sure where to look.

Thank you for your time and your help!

  • Manual mode
  • 120mV threshold
My antenna setup:
  • H-field (Two 100cm loops at 90º)
  •   Gain: 16 x 8
  •   Noise: 15-25mVpp
  • E-field
  •   Gain: 10 x 4
  •   Noise: 39mVpp

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WU: KROCKF4 || CWOP: C9861 || CoCoRaHS: MI-KN-83 || Blitzotung: 1737
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus --> Meteohub
Stations: 1737

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