Interference - looking for next steps
(2017-03-29, 01:33)cbhiii Wrote: However, I have a noise problem (on H-field antennas, mostly E-W loop) that starts in the evening and runs through most of the night into the day. It puts my unit into interference mode. 
  • Gain: 16 x 8
  • Noise: 15-25mVpp

Noise what niose? I'd love to have a noise floor that quiet! 10 * 10 or 10 * 8 (auto) total gain 4,000 or 3,200, noise 50 to 60 mVpp ... You have more gain and much lower noise...

I wonder what those little peaks are on the purple line? The big signal looks like a strike signal to me but I guess your are getting a constant stream of near identical ones rather than random different ones. What's the repetion rate?

BTW the loops don't have to be E-W N-S or even at 90 degrees. One of mine is aligned to reject as much as possible the stonkimg great signals from two VLF stations a few tens of miles away and only filtered to remove the time signal from MSF on 60 kHz. The other angled as far from the first and heavly filtered (17.3 kHz) so that its noise floor is about the same as the other. This means they are only 30 degress apart... Compromise but if I just put them up N-S/E-W all I'd get is the VLF stations and interference mode...

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