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(2017-05-07, 11:35)jkrob Wrote: Firewalls?? Working on a US Govt network - Ohhh, they have firewalls ;-) I'm sure it is a firewall/access issue however, why does the Lightningmaps.org work properly but the en.blitzortung.org not -are there different firewall ports used with one but not the other? The en.blitzortung.org does the one minute page refresh but not the dynamic strike info like the Lightningmaps.org does.

I'm hoping the designers of the web page(s) can provide some insight. our network admin is providing almost no effort toward getting this to work properly (of course).


(2017-05-07, 13:02)DelandeC Wrote: I think this is because lmaps.org uses standard HTTP/HTTPS ports and en.blitzortung.org uses random ports which aren't.
... and the servers are in different world regions... BT in Europe, and LMO in Canada... and are totally different platforms.... who knows what restrictions your "work" network  may be imposing on the Region and the access protocol DelandeC mentioned....

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