Definition of a good noise-free site for BlitzOrtung probe
(2017-05-13, 22:16)allsorts Wrote: A 4G cell might be down in the 800 MHz band, though as you say not an issue for a Blitzortung receiver and 5 km is a long way.

Depending on where in France Kellogs is the VLF ransmitter near Rosnay might be more of a problem as it uses 18.3 kHz, 20.9 kHz & 21.7 kHz, possibly not all at the same time.

Any chance of that link pointing to a file on the web somewhere rather than a file on your local C:?  Grounding of aerial downleads is not a global practice, doesn't happen in the UK. But the laws of physics don't change and if it reduces noise...

Missed the fact the link was a local file. Fixed in post.

Also, with regard to the 4G frequencies, I was talking in generalities about the frequency ranges. In many countries, the frequencies used for 4G / LTE ranges from low 700 Mhz on up through 5700 Mhz (US T-Mobile). I was just trying get the point across that cell sites at any reasonable distance - outside of VLF noise from power supplies and the like if you were right near the building - are completely invisible to the Blitzortung receivers.

Thanks for pointing out the bad link.
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