Smooth trace, smooth spectrum - strange
(2017-05-22, 20:30)kriu Wrote: To hp3ak2:
Take Laptop and connect your station to the USB (power) and LAN (network) in laptop.
Set up IP addresses on your laptop and station from the same domain.
Disconnect your all entire network of power energy at home and nearby.
Observe then the signals received by your station.
Rolleyes   Very good and detailed advice.  I will try that.  It will be a good way to get isolation from the house power & other potential noise.

Thanks to all who have made suggestions and offered advice.  ** I believe that I have determined the following at this point with my system Red:
  1. The signals occur at approximately one second intervals, with some gaps.  This is identical in behavior to the electric cattle fences nearby in my shortwave receivers.
  2.  They are very strong compared to other signals being received, 1.2v / .23v (Equivalent of kilometer long transmitting antennas, 1/2 km distant.)
  3.  Slowly rotating my 1m crossed loops will null the signal in one channel, while maximizing it in the other channel.  I can make either channel very strong while making the other quite weak, or I can make both about equal, but very strong.  It does not appear that moving the antennas, within this neighborhood, will do any good at all.
  4. The blitzortung computers usually ignore these when sent; however, some of them are close enough in time stamp to be processed.
  5.  I have tried turning on the filters and setting the sensitivity back in each channel.  However, the signals are just too strong.
  6.  Since most of the energy is from 5 to 40 kHz, I don't believe that there is a practical way in which to filter it out.  Suggestions?

I have been unable to locate a good set of instructions on manually setting up the gains, triggers, etc. in the forums.  ??
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