Smooth trace, smooth spectrum - strange
(2017-05-23, 01:37)BobW Wrote: how is E-field vs. H-field? More or less? Also, your gain looks pretty high.

I looked at the satellite pics of where you are, and it looks rural. You are probably on to something with the fencer. Not sure what can be done about that as the output of those is a big spike of short duration. They may easily be 10Kv or higher spikes, .....

Some good advice, thanks!  System Red and Amplifier 12, so cannot look at the E-field.  There are dairy farms and electric fences all around me.  The farmers are generally uncooperative, especially with a Gringo like me.  The main computers are generally sorting out the false hits, except then the time stamp happens to be very close.  It sure hurts my statistics though.  Again, a FAQ on all manual settings and their effect, in one place, would be most helpful.  But, like Linux and all things geek, you're just supposed to know this stuff or look it up, piece-by-piece!
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