Smooth trace, smooth spectrum - strange
(2017-05-23, 19:01)allsorts Wrote: Not having a comprehensive manual is part of the fun. B-)  Encourages experimentation, though I must admit it would be nice to have a target range for the noise floor as presented to the ADC's. A lot of settings have a blue "i" that provides some float over help.
I now see that I posted this thread in the wrong area of the forum.  My apologies.  I will not be reading any more replies here.  Thanks to everyone who tried to help!

*** "Welcome to British Experimental Airways.  As a passenger we wish to give you the most control of your flight possible.  My name is "Automatic", and I am your robotic Captain.  I have been programmed to give you an average flight, from an average airport, in average weather conditions, going to an average destination via an average route at an average altitude." 

"Since we know that you can probably do better yourself, please note the little steering wheel and various knobs and levers in front of you.  You may take control of most functions of the aircraft from your seat.  There are clear labels on each control, but if we told you what each one does and how they interact, then where would be the fun in that? It's a grand experiment!  If you are a regular passenger, then you probably have a good idea of what to do to get us all there more quickly and safely.  ... Or, you can just leave "Captain Automatic" in me! " ***
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