Arduino and project.
(2017-06-08, 08:18)jorj-2007 Wrote: Is it for the atmega8, which is used in RedSystem not the old controller Arduino? Why not adapt the software under the following set of modules: 1 - Arduino mini, 2 - ENC28J60 Ethernet, 3 - NEO6MV2 GPS module. For mass buying on Aliexpress is available.

There is much more involved in Network TOA TOGA location than what you might be assuming.  This system does not simply detect an impulse and send it into cyberspace perhaps with a timestamp.  That's called 'detecting', and an AM Radio will "detect' and give an audible signal. 

For Locating, there are specific "expected" parameters which must be as similar as possible with at least 3 other receivers--up to as many as 18... . Antenna Type, Bandwidths, Specific Known or expected Delays in amps and processing, noise processing, ADC Timing, GPS, Filters, Server Communications, gains, triggers, sampling, variable data compression, server sent controls / limits to system.... how many channels (1-5) a specific receiver is processing, is it E or H, and which contain the best data? ...  and out of all those 'detecting' stations, the server looks for those signals which produce the best data when all those variables are compared. This is a networked system and all receivers theoretically should be 'identical'...   It's called 'standardization'.
And, No... they're not going to rewrite any server programming or firmware for anything other than Blitzortung specific systems.

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