Arduino and project.
(2017-06-08, 08:18)Pjorj-2007 Wrote: Is it for the atmega8, which is used in RedSystem not the old controller Arduino? Why not adapt the software under the following set of modules: 1 - Arduino mini, 2 - ENC28J60 Ethernet, 3 - NEO6MV2 GPS module. For mass buying on Aliexpress is available.

I know Cutty replied below also. I wanted to point out that in your list of hardware, the GPS module you mentioned doesn't fit the most basic requirements. It doesn't bring out the 1PPS pulse. The system  isn't critically dependent on GPS provided position. They could even make that user definable. Timing is critical. The receiver must know the current time down into the low nanoseconds. 

That's used to define when the signals are received. As mentioned previously, there's custom hardware used to condition those signals prior to being applied to the ADC in the chosen microcontroller.
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