techical details, proceedures, data formats
I offered a blue to the radio astronomy observatory in Green Bank, and they have declined it. I offered one to the MeerKat radio astronomy observatory in South Africa, went there, gave a presentation, and there has been no followup from them. I can privately fund 2 or 3 blues, but I can't make anyone host them, I can only offer. Blue 1916 is mine, near Charlottesville, VA USA.

My intent as a radio astronomer was to site blues on or near radio telescopes, and provide a script to querry the server for lightning activity that causes interference, to help with removing the sferic signals from our observational data. The radio receivers at the observatories are the most sensitive in the world, with electronics custom built and cooled to nearly absolute zero to reduce thermal noise. Lighting within thousands of miles saturates the receivers for tens of milliseconds. The blitzortung solutions would provide tags for those interference events, and allow the training of machine learning algorithms to do real time removal. All interesting stuff IMHO, but apparently not to Green Bank or MeerKat.

Having to get on with my work, looking for pulsars in the Andromeda galaxy
I shrug my shoulders, and move on. I had hoped to extend the blitzortung network into southern africa and south america, the toe holds being radio astronomy observatories and astronomy departments at the affiliated universities. There were nibbles, but no bites, even on the offer of free blues. Go figure.

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