Newly assembled System Blue problems
Great News. With 2.8 V at the USB mini plug I'm surprised that there was so much sign of life from the controller. It's known that USB leads vary greatly in the amount of copper they do (or don't) contain. Though to drop 2 V I think your new lead must have been faulty, it certainly is now with the end chopped off. B-)

*LOTS* of things to configure. Be aware that the firmware doesn't grey things out you can't adjust, it just doesn't show them. So just wandering about the web interface may not show you all the available options/settings. One of the things to do is get an idea of what the VLF enviorment is like for you. Nice and quiet or electric fence ticks every secondish or VLF transmitters within a few tens of miles or noise from one (or more) SMPSUs in devices or as plug in "transformers".

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RE: Newly assembled System Blue problems - by allsorts - 2017-07-17, 21:17

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