Public API ~ sponsor proposal.
(2018-01-13, 06:28)Cutty Wrote: Please keep in mind, Blitzortung is for Blitzortung Participants First,
regardless of any 'other' interested parties. Any access or connections
that could interfere with Operator experience , and especially
the ability of our server and processing platforms to function, at times
under extremely high data and connection rates
, cannot be available publicly.

Here's the general policy, as it currently exists, for any data usage:
(From )
Quote:Our real-time and archived data can also be used for external projects.
  • The project may not represent commercial interests.
  • It must be of general interest for the participants of
  • It must be different from existing projects. Do not just reimplement other projects. Do not setup yet another visualization of online data.
  • All applications that use our data must be freely accessible.
  • The source of the data must be clearly identified.
  • The operator must prevent any possible misuse of the data provided, as far as this is possible.
The applications (web sites, apps, ...) have to retrieve their data from a separate server and not from the servers of All data remain under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

As for any 'full API' availability, No, not presently, and is unlikely ever to be available.

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