SOLVED: Identifying interference with oscilloscopes and software-defined radio
(2017-08-10, 00:21)djhuft Wrote:
(2017-08-08, 19:58)pasense Wrote: You should consider to use the low pass filters. With them I could cut out the high frequency noise and could concentrate on hunting the noise sources around 10-30 kHz. Soldering the tiny filters in was far easier than I feared, but they are of course a bit expensive.

I am seriously considering buying those filters. I read in the instructions manual that they are enabled in software by soldering closed a jumper. I'm very curious what options appear in the web interface when you do this. Is it possible to adjust the frequency manually, and what are the limits??

The filters are set for cutoff frequency in settings. these settings are NOT visible unless the devices are installed, you have the latest firmware, and the microprocessor is enabled with that jumper you mentioned. The 'idea' is to work between 3K-300KHz, but the actual high end is 328 in settings. On the "Low end", you can virtually turn a channel off... so say "0 to 328K" effective. 
There's no need for these filters if you don't have the higher frequency noise. And eliminating noise with them between 3K and 30K actually kills a lot of the sferic information we're looking for. And they do work...extremely well.  However, I run mine wide open...why not? Same as not having 'em in there... ... my noise is all in that 'critical area' 3-30kHz, unfortunately... and it's sporadic.

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