SOLVED: Identifying interference with oscilloscopes and software-defined radio
(2017-08-10, 01:09)Cutty Wrote: There's no need for these filters if you don't have the higher frequency noise. And eliminating noise with them between 3K and 30K actually kills a lot of the sferic information we're looking for. And they do work...extremely well.  However, I run mine wide open...why not? Same as not having 'em in there... ... my noise is all in that 'critical area' 3-30kHz, unfortunately... and it's sporadic.

Thanks a lot, Cutty! That's exactly what I was looking for. It's very helpful to know what frequency band is primarily of interest. I may put the filters in to block my interference at 60, 57, and possibly even as low as 45 kHz. It's too bad the the chips are over $10 apiece.. It's an expensive experiment to install them.

One other question: are the filters independently adjustable, or is there only one setting that applies to all channels?

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