Compatible System Blue Optional SMA Connectors
EDIT: I'm changing the purpose of this thread to become a list of SMA connectors reported to work with System Blue main board.  Please submit your full info for part and source as post to this thread.  Thanks!

TE Connectivity Part# 5-1814832-1 / Farnell Part# 1248990 / Newark Part# 13M4002  --- Description:  "5-1814832-1 -  RF / Coaxial Connector, SMA Coaxial, Straight Jack, Solder, 50 ohm, Beryllium Copper:"
-- Reported by "allsorts" and "Andrew.Instone-Cowie"

Original Post:

So, no idea what possessed me NOT to buy the SMA connectors when I bought the station.  Guess I thought that buying them from a supply house over here would not be that difficult.  So far, I own 8 SMA connectors that won't fit the board...  connector housing pins are too large to fit through the PCB holes...

And these were NICE Cinch connectors too....

Do I really have to buy the LPRS from the UK or settle for cheap Chinese UXCELL connectors that don't even have a board standoff ledge on the legs...

I'd really prefer the next batch work and be quality parts...  at least a little better anyway.
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