Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
Hi Mike, I was using a "high power" switched mode PSU, that now also refuses to produce its stated voltage and current.
What damaged what, is the Sixty-four million dollar question.
I have ordered the parts to make a dedicated Linear PSU that will have over voltage and over current protection built in and remote sensing, so the voltage that appears at the boards will be as correct as it should be.
This board is going back to Egon, for its post mortem, and I have bought a new board that I will be very careful with.
Regardless of my particular problem. I do feel that these boards should, for this price, be made as idiot-proof as possible?
Kindest regards,


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RE: Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b - by readbueno - 2017-09-10, 20:42

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