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eugenyr & sergey wrote that GPS is working good. All of satellites are recogized by system blue. Blue led "GPS" blinking shortly. Sometimes (not often) system loses 1 pps signal. In that time buzzer sounds low tone. Coordinates recieved by system is absolutely correct. Way of GPS signal is : ANTENNA (on the roof) - LOW-NOISE INDUSTRIAL PREAMP - SPLITTER -STATION.
E-field antenna (1 meter wire) also placed on the roof. Way of E-field signals is : ANTENNA - 1 meter of hi-quality COAXIAL CABLE - SYSTEM BLUE'S PREAMPLIFIER - x meters of hi-quality COAXIAL CABLE - STATION. Preamps led glow red. 
When eugenyr & sergey connect to E-Field preamp's socket a 7-meter wire, noises observed by Web-interface and oscilloscope are dramatically increased. Inserting 7-meter wire directly to an System'B E-field socket will reduce a nosie.
Obviously all of components are correct installed and working good.
Also as an experiment eugenyr & sergey hooked up back 1-meter wire roof antenna. They observed by oscilloscope an automatic gain control: 10s Hi-Gain -> 10s Mid-Gain -> etc. If a System'b registered an E-Field impulses (in automatic mode), then gain factor becomes equal tio 1. That mean is controller also good recognized electromagnetic impulses and responding appropriately.
Not shure it is a good translation Huh

By the way eugenyr & sergey concerned about level of shifting signals. Constant component of measured signal is +0.66v (sic!).
Maybe here is the cause of fault?
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