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(2018-02-13, 20:14)mwaters Wrote:
(2018-02-13, 15:42)Cutty Wrote:
(2018-02-13, 15:33)mwaters Wrote: Hi Mike,

Also from that page:
Quote:The use of our raw lightning data is allowed only to the participants of the project or to those we explicitly have allowed it.
It's preferred that he be a participant; I wonder if an exception could be made (even a temporary one), perhaps starting at the time he orders a system? After all, there is a long wait for System Blue controllers.

It must be different from existing projects. Do not just re-implement other projects.

Do not setup yet another visualization of online data.

Hi Mike,

So, if I want to put real-time lightning data on my website, it has to be different than --for example-- these stations, also?

Listen follks, all I did was post the guidelines officially posted by Egon, who  is the project founder,  regarding application development and use of data. Operators have privileges, including data access, and the MyBO platform for use on their personal websites.  Thee are a couple of other apps approved by Egon and others for private use of operators. There is no Blitzortung API for external implementation.  One major reason for this is Blitzortung is an Experimental, hobbyist, educational, volunteer network, and should NOT be used in the manner commercial, validated network data is utilized.

If wants to communicate with Egon regarding an exception, he certainly may. Seeking approval or further discussion here on this forum is a waste of time.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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