Am I a good candidate?
(2018-09-02, 13:17)jchonig Wrote: I received my invitation for a System Blue and am doing my homework.  I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

I am 3km from antenna towers broadcasting on 1160kHz at 5000W, is that an issue?

My house and pasture is surrounded by electric fence for sheep and dogs, closest it comes to the house is about 15-20m.  I get arching when wires touch and when vegetation grows onto the fence.  Will I be able to compensate for interference this close and still be a useful contributor?



Your nearby AM station should b3e no problem. If they're 'directional' and lobe aimed at you, then the ERP down that lobe may be much stronger than 5KW. and you may have some sub harmonics... unlikely, but possible.. the optional filters might take care of any,,,, just keep in the back of your mind...

The electric fence could be an issue... is it a DC only fence? or one of those fancy 'pulsed', electronic types?  If arcing only occurs as you mention, keep the wires taut, and vegetation out of it... the electronic fences can be real issues for some folks because of the frequencies they operate.  The system can handle interference, to certain degrees.. and a KNOWN noise source is much more comfortable than the dad gummed sporadic junk some of us live with... my situation is horrible at times... used to be great... we live with it...

after all, in effect, our system is designed to locate noise.... Big Grin

Do a walk by with an AM radio, tuned off channel, at about 530KHZ, and see how much noise it picks up....
Might also scan this forum for discussions re fences. robot mowers, smart electric meters... etc the effects can be similar... but a lot of it may not be in the public forums.

We've a long discussion and experience thread, especially from the 'early' days, about noise and so forth, at]

Just remember... most tend to start their system experiments with antennas and probes poorly located, many times in the same room with computers, other noise generators... also using lower quality power supplies... and when there are known or suspected 'outside' interferers mixing in the resolution of 'what is what' can be frustrating...
This isn't "Plug and Play"... there is a learning and configuration experience ahead, and it may take some time to find the 'sweet spots' for your antennas and probes... 

Get your system... get to know it... don't give up too early in the 'parenting' process!

And welcome...

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