Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2019-02-19, 22:34)dupreezd Wrote:
(2019-02-19, 21:45)Blitzfeuer Wrote:
(2019-02-19, 20:48)Egon Wrote: Dear Blitzfeuer,

station 1863 is not assigned to a user!

Insert the processor ID in the "Assign a new station: (Processor-ID)" field.


Dear Egon,
Every time I have inserted such as the station number "1863" it has immediately disappeared.  
Mayhaps the "Processor-ID" is not the station number at all, but rather my "User ID"?  
Or mayhaps an obscure number such as that of a CPU "processor ID"?
Confused, but still trying to understand...what specifically is the mysterious "processor ID?  
Blitzfeuer, go here and logon.  Then assign a new station.



Hi Dries, thanks for the graphic -- it is something I have never seen before.  Even just now I logged in again using the DE-language link you gave me, and it just shows the info I have already unsuccessfully entered, with no view corresponding to your graphic.  So a "processor ID" is really a "device ID" without the dashes.  Great, but how does one get the view you graciously presented that applies to me, User 1546, station 1863 -- simply by logging in?  Huh
Stations: 1863

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