Station Isn't Recognized. Not on List. ETC
(2019-06-03, 17:01)stevecollier Wrote: username: stevecollier
Station 2302
Station showing active on former "Rockaway" page. Current "Oakland" page United States/California/Oakland) displays "Active" and shows signals but lists "no reception." Clicking on station on map brings up Rockaway page.

(2019-06-06, 18:09)harwichweather Wrote: User Name: harwichweather
User: 1892
Station: 2445

Please change from "Regular Forum Member" to "Participant".
Station is online and performing very well.
Thanks much!


(2019-06-07, 05:13)NeVytas Wrote: User Name for Forum: NeVytas
Station Number: 2500
Region: Europe

Please change from "Registered forum member" to "Participant".

Thank you

(2019-06-07, 05:16)rdburgan Wrote: How does one change from "Registered forum member" to "Participant"?  I cannot find where to do the change.

One cannot change their own group status here on the forum. 

The bridging between Blitzortung and LightningMaps databases and servers does not work properl currently, so the automatic group change to participant does not function properly., We must do it manually.  To do this, we must confirm your stataus as 'operator' against the Blitzortung database.

This is also the reason for frequent entriy and 'data' errors on your station information and statistics on the Lightninmaps website. including some of the 'duplicate' or missing station lists on Lightning Maps.  Dublicate station lists will show on Blitzortung station listing, normally, if a station reports to more than one region forr each region.  These issues, and few other glitches, have existed since the large hardware/ software upgrades last fall, and are slowly being resolved.

I Will check the forum status for you four, and upgrade as appropriate, but data errors on your LMO stations listings must be resolved otherwise,.

Cheers, and welcome aboard!

Edit:  Ok your groups are upgraded... Lightning Big Grin

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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