Incredible map displays every lightning strike on Earth, in real-time as it happens
(2019-04-13, 06:23)Johnlarry Wrote: Most likely the site is drawing the lines in real time client-side, which can takes more processing power and can cause lag, making it no longer show real-time. Though that's all just an assumption on my part.

For the Blitzortung Live Maps.. the server reception, processing and transmission for any given sferic in any given region is typically 2-8 seconds,... so any 'additional' deviation from 'real time' is communication from station to server, from server to Browser, and any delays in a 'user's device.

The delay may be microseconds longer on Lightningmaps. org, because some extra computation is done on the 'experimental' parameters use there.

At that point it then becomes solely dependent on the 'state of the internet'... Rolleyes

I'm not sure how much closer to 'real time' we can achieve as a hobbyist, experimental network.

Not all station lines may be shown in very high activity, browser settings in the' viewport' or unusual situations,
depending on user's WLAN, Browser and Local machine capability.

Some iterations of the 'live' activity', such as that at Sferics US
will be 'blank' at first 'page open' until an actual signal is 'sent' from server, and will show the 'real time delay' in some fashion., and display the 'real time' strokes for different intervals.. in Sferics US example, only the 'last minute' in the
"live signals' display

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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