Any source for lightning strikes?
(2020-05-30, 15:56)GJ7DNI Wrote: will i only be see on map if a can stop the gps fault 1pps ? gps not seeing all sky but a lot of sat are green?
there are probably two parts of an answer.
1) May I assume you are station operator? If so, did you register your station? The colour of your username should switch from blue to green.
2) You should do something about the GPS availability - as I have to. While looking through a window, my GPS antenna sees a bit less than half of the sky. This leads to a GPS availability of about 85% and an unstable position detection. Without position the station does not send signals to the server. In my case I'd estimate this to be around 10 to 15 minutes an hour. With a clear view to the sky the GPS availability of the same antenna is close to 100%
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