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Axrually, the "horizontal" loop on the ceiling will function quite well for Horizontally polarized impulses.. 
it's settings would be similar to the loops on HA and HB... unless you have a lot of horizontally polarized H noise, and it may NOT detect as many strokes as ethe others..depending of type of impulse etc... Yes, the system WILL process them, if enough stations detect them on C.. it won't display them as a special type, however... just a stroke.
You need to connect the horizontally polarized loop, whetehr Ferrite, wire, whatever, to H channel C input...

I've been running C as Horizontally polarized for some time no

ou can then add Vertically Polarized (normal) to H A, and H B...lIf theyre Ferrites, the sticks lie horizontal, if wire, loops, mount vertical.

for horizontally polarized impulses, ferrite mounts Vertical, and wire mounts horizontal, always on channel H C

Make sure your station is configured correctly on your Operator's page'... Have you registered your station?  If so, what's the number and location???


Thank you. This is the very first time that I  have ever heard this. Is this documented anywhere else besides this post?

Heck, I dunno.. go see what it says,.. I haven't looked at documentation in months years,... it's various places in the forums, however... "C can be used for Horizontal Poliarized impulses... far as I know, eveer since Blue ifirst considered...released... You can put a 'horiz pol' ant on any of the iinputs, and it will work, but the server will want it on C. Promarily for standardization.. If gonna use a H Pol, everybody needs to use C,. Period.  ALWAYS if using 2 vertical pol antennas, use A and B.. You can put a V pol on C and run triad, or use a H pol, with A B for H pol.  The server just is NOT typing the sigs currently, unless it's experimental.  but will certainly use them for detecting and locating, if it gets enough... doesn't get enoug?  No stroke, no location.  Remember a Horizontal Pol impuls won't have the same characteristics of a Vertical pol, timing will be different, obviously, but there's also a freq poweer distribution  difference. The h pol antennas also is OMNI directional, rather than E/W or N/S for a V pol loop... pretty sure that ISN't in documentation... hence only need one...

Here is what I found this morning:"Horizontal+loop"#pid11968

I had other links about this saved, but I inadvertently deleted them by following some bad advice. One said something to the effect that at some future point, the third loop would register overhead (or nearly so) strokes.

Still, what you wrote is informative. Thanks.
Mike W.
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