Observation: System Blue Magnetic Sensors
I got the station from a prior owner and good friend who preferred that I adopt the trouble-shooting problems he was having (he did a nice job of assembly from what I could tell)....I don't know what user info is appropriate to post on the forum...Cutty, I'd be happy to provide any information you would like... do I e-mail? (my e-mail is xxxx@comcast.net).  I didn't mess with the credentials as I was hoping to convince Bill to take the station back if I got it fixed, but he prefers the present status-quo.  The station number is 1808, original user 1509.  It is definitely a Blue board set (and is so labelled although the boards are actually green in color) and it does not have the piggy-back voltage regulator board.  I jumpered the preamps when I used them with a set of 1.1 meter diameter 6 turn loops of #12 THHN (these still exist .... I built the loops when the ferrite antennas seemed insensitive).  I then removed the jumpers when I went back to the ferrites (with shielding added ...  I seem to have a strong AM station challenge locally - the board has the active filters installed and enabled),  The ferrites measure self-resonance at 1.1 MHz and read 15.3 mHy using a General Radio Bridge @ 1kHz.  The fact that "signals" didn't seem to change much between these configurations (I was monitoring with a Tek TDS 2024C 4-channel scope at the SMA ports)  is what provoked the bench testing.  The positive rail voltage was zero even though the LED indicated power.  Originally, all 3 H-Preamp channels were unpowered.  I messed with the RJ45 when the "A channel" exhibited intermittent output after fixing the power connections.  Is it possible to purchase only the pre-amp board?  I would love to populate a new one versus always wondering about the present board.  The New Mexico Sun is pretty warm.   Denny

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