Blue Board L104 C605 Detached
(2019-08-28, 23:55)dupreezd Wrote:
(2019-08-28, 22:03)bretberger Wrote: Brand new System Blue just received. I parted the PCB boards and filed the nubs when L104 fell off. C605, right next to L104, has a cracked joint and tombstoned up when I touched it.

How should I proceed? I don't mind trying to rework board but all I have is lead-based solder. Is this indicative of faulty board which will continue to give me trouble?

Dont't worry about the lead-based solder. Go ahead and solder away.

Agreed. In the "olden days" of surface mount, silver-bearing solder was used (to prevent damage to the SMD device). But today's surface-mount devices are more rugged.

Just be sure to first heat the end of C65 that is still attached and gently bring it down flush with the board while the solder is molten.
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