Installation Location and Best Practice
(2019-09-05, 04:04)kevinmcc Wrote: Not really any best practice, there are a few must does.

Must have good 5v power supply, some make too much noise. Highly recommend is the Power Stream AC 1898.
Others have suggested TeraDak U9 linear power supplies, many are sold from Hong Kong.

Must have good GPS reception.

Must have H-Field antennas and they must be properly oriented, if the are ferrite they must be laying on side. Two at 90 degree angel to each other or three 60 degrees from each other. If you get noise you can try rotating them to reduce noise, but must be horizontal. They should be placed away from magnetic and electrical noise sources. That said, mine is located in my basement of my house about 8 feet from my furnace.

E-Feild antenna is optional is placed vertical and away from electrical noise. The user manual has some design ideas.

Start with automatic mode, monitor the settings for a couple weeks, see what seems to work well and then set to manual.

Thanks a lot for the tips Kevin. I will be sure to get a less noisy 5V supply and test the system in automatic mode first.

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