Greece appears as Africa Region on Website
(2019-09-06, 14:43)chubros Wrote:
(2019-09-06, 14:31)cutty Wrote:
(2019-09-06, 11:48)chubros Wrote: As you can see the Greek stations appears 2 times on the list in this link.

Maybe the admins have to check it!
Have a nice day!

Selecting "Greece" soirts the list by 'Countries', rather than by 'Region'. ... and the list also tells you which 'region' the station reports...
Many of the Greek stations actually report data  for multiple regions... both Europe and Africa, e.g., so they are listed for each reporting region.

if specific 'Region' sort, you should see the station single listed...

Thanks Cutty. I use this list many years so i supposed something is wrong. Wink

heh.. Smile    Well it did have issues for a time after the Blitzzortung server changes late last year... and stations were listed multiple times, untill all the data processing was polished... .  It took a while to  perfect that 'multiple' region discrimination and was confusing to a lot of operators who didn't realize their data was used in multiple areas... and initially a LOT of 'erroneous' duplicates were showing up,... at one time, my stations (which are single region) showed up with about 11 listings.... heh..

But that should all be running smoothly now.. the databases at times may show glitches, it seems,, so that can cause some confusion between sites once and a while... It might possible to 'coincidentally' access the Stations List page as data is 'updating / re-writing' and see some strange numbers in 'counts', but that has become extremely rare, and I've not noticed it in quite a while...


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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